Alaskan Island Giveaway

Alaska Officials Favor Giveaway to Russians:

Alaska Governor and Attorney General Admit Their Failures to Fight Giveaway

Free Political Speech Imperiled by Alaska Attorney General in Cease and Desist Warning

Alaska Attorney General Confirms Giveaway, But Refuses to Fight It

Opposition to/Support for the Giveaway:

Positions of U. S. Senators from Alaska, Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski

Importance of the Giveaway:

Article of Giveaway in Naval Institute Proceedings

How Much Oil and Gas?  Measured in the Billions of Barrels

U. S. Department of State Maneuvers:

State Department Helps Russian Bogus Claim to North Pole

Henry Kissinger Ordered the Giveaway Secretly in 1977

State Department Hides Maritime Boundary Agreement From Congress

State Department 2003 “Fact Sheet” on “Status of Wrangel and Other Arctic Islands”

Russian Gulags and Russian Demands:

Russian Gulag Concentration Camp on American Wrangell Island

News Articles on Russian Demands

Legal Documents:

1867 Treaty between U.S. and Russia–Word “Alaska” Does Not Appear

1990 U.S.-U.S.S.R./Russia Maritime Boundary Agreement–Executive Agreement

1990 U.S.-U.S.S.R./Russia Maritime Boundary Agreement–Proposed Treat

History of American Acquisition of the 8 Alaskan Islands:

John Muir’s Book on 1881 U.S. Discovery of Wrangell Island:  “The Cruise of the Corwin”

U. S. Discovery of 3 Arctic Islands in 1881–“Icebound” by Leonard Guttridge (Naval Institute Press)