AR-15s Aren’t the Problem. We Need to Ban THIS Instead.

( – Whenever there is a mass shooting, particularly when an AR-15 is involved (although notably they’re not always the weapon of choice for crazed mass shooters), leftists come out en masse to dance on the graves of the deceased and push their favorite form of tyranny: “gun control.”

Following the heinous shooting in Parkland, FL last week, leftists have been more than happy to exploit grieving and impressionable young teenagers who survived the attack, to ramp the emotional appeals up to a whole new level and create the impression that our nation’s children are “begging for their lives.”

Some of these young teenagers cried on the floor of the Florida senate as legislators voted down a proposal to ban the AR-15, and the left-wing who planted them there played it up like there was no tomorrow.

The message they’re trying to push is clear: if you don’t want to ban guns, you don’t care about the lives of children.

Well, we call BS. There is one pesky fact that absolutely blows all this hogwash out of the water:

Gun free zones are positively deadly.

Amanda Prestigiacomo of The Daily Wire reported today that, according to The Crime Prevention Resource Center an absolutely shocking 98% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones.

These same people who exploit the grief and suffering of people who have barely had time to process the tragedy which has befallen them want to disarm you and leave you and your children helpless.

Gun free zones like schools, movie theatres, malls, and even military bases turn American citizens into fish in a barrel for any would-be mass shooter, and that has happened all too many times in this country.

It is absolute insanity to suggest that we ban guns when we need to take up arms in self-defense more than ever!!

If you care at all about liberty or security, you need to make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to defend your Second Amendment rights. When the Founding Fathers made provisions for the people to keep and bear arms, it was done so to allow us to defend ourselves against tyranny.

The tyranny we face today comes in the name of stopping mass shootings. Let’s call them on their BS and defend our right to protect our children by demanding the end of gun free zones!