Alaskan To Russian Water Grab

State Department Ignores History And Ready To Give Alaskan Waters To Russia

The name change and additions to the De Long Islands from three to five.

After the death of Lt. Comm. George Washington
De Long in 1881, George Wallace Melville name the islands as a group of Bennett, Henrietta, and
Jeannette as the “De Long Islands”. However at
Cape Melville on June 2, 1881, Melville name the
group of “Jeannette Islands” consisting of Henrietta, Herald, and Jeannette islands. In 1876 the British Admiralty was using the term “Herald Islands” to include both Herald Island
and Wrangell Land, that was when the stopped
using either Kellett Land and Plover Land. The comment on the change was Kellett was Irish
and a non churchman(sic.).

The we have the event of Tsar Nicholas II “pretension” to lands north of the Empire
in the Arctic by a note dated 20 September (October 3), 1916. According to Professor
Elmer Plischke, Ph.D. of the University of Maryland dated January 1, 1950 [Plischke
is the author of US DEPARTMENT OF STATE:
A REFERENCE HISTORY], in talking about Tsarist
Pretension on Alaskan Islands in the Arctic Ocean to the North of Siberia stated: “The first step was taken on October 3, 1916, when the Russian Foreign Minister notified the Allied …
Powers that the Russian Empire embraced the
Arctic Territories. Which included the Alaskan
Islands of Bennett, Henrietta, Herald, Jeannette,
and Wrangell. Also included were a new designations of the Novopashenni (sic.) Islands
of five islands that include the three De Long Islands And two others. This Islands Group was named after Captain of the First Rank Pyotr Akexeyevich Nowopashenny, IRN, Commander of the ship Vaygach between 1913 to. 1915.

After he signed the April 5, 1918 agreement Novopashenni went to London and then to
Berlin. This put him in disfavor with Lenin.

Because of this the Soviets removed the name
of Nowopashenny from the group of five islands
and named them all the De Long Islands (from 3 to 5 Islands). The GPU then created a forgery a
Note dated September 20, 1916 in 1923 as “dezinfornatsiya” that removed both the entries
of Novopashenni Islands and Zemlya Imperatora Nikolaya II and according to Professor Plischke of the University of Maryland on January 1, 1950 added “Novaia Zemlia, Kolguev, and Vaigach” Islands in the redacted space. [See: Pravitelstvenniy Vestnik, St. Petersburg, 1916 at 183.]

This forgery is again be published all over Russia

This relates to the events in Washington, DC on
November 30, 2017 of a International Agreement
on the face is to ban fishing in the Arctic Ocean for 16 years, but the underlying effect is a backdoor acknowledgement of straight baseline created by the Soviet Union around the Alaska Islands of Bennett, Henrietta, Herald, Jeannette,
and Wrangell.

It was on August 12, 1881, that 3rd. Lt. William Edward Reynolds, USRM, annexed
New Columbia Land for the United States Government under a sua sponte order of Captain
Calvin L. Hooper, USRM. On July 29, 1901 the
United States Board on Geographic Names set the new name as Wrangell Island. Reynolds became the first Rear Admiral of the United States Coast Guard.

On July 29, 1881, Lt. Comm. George Washington
De Long, USN, Annexed Bennett Island for the United States Government at Cape Emma, Bennett Island.

On June 2, 1881, George Wallace Melville, USN,
under an order from the SECNAV at Cape Melville, Henrietta Island, annexed the islands
of Henrietta, Herald, and Jeannette for the United States Government. Melville later became a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy.

On May 17, 1884, Brevet Major Ezra W. Clark, USV (Ret.) an Attorney for the Alaska board at the United States Department of the Treasury under the authority of the Harrison Alaska Organic Act place in the District of Alaska the
five Arctic islands of Bennett, Henrietta, Herald, Jeannette, and Wrangell.

The Harrison Alaska Organic Act did another thing. It made it a crime for the Soviet Union
to fix straight baselines around these five Alaska islands, because it effects the State of Alaska sovereignty in the territorial sea of 3nm around these islands.

Mr. William Gibbon-Fly headed the US Delegation to this giveaway international agreement without any commissioner appointed
by the Alaska Governor (nor did the US Department of State ask the Governor to appoint a commissioner for the State of Alaska to that conference in Washington, DC between November 28 to 30, 2017. He let the Russian Government submit forgery documents to the
body without objecting to these “dizinformatsiya

It this international agreement is going to be in
Treaty form, the US Senate should not give its
advice and consent.

Dr. Mark Seidenberg