What About the Russian Owned 600 Tons of Toxic Metals Dumped on Alaskan Island

The site of three Russian GULAG on Wrangell Island was the dumping grounds of over 600 tons of toxic scrap metal, but what about the human remains of prisoners of the Russian GULAG’s that were secretly buried under tons of the rubble?

Raoul Wallenberg was in a hut in that GULAG area in 1962 and documented the horror of the Russian Gulags and the tons of toxic waste dump on America’s Alaskan Island by the Russians.

Russian Gulag is the term to describe the similar type of camps run by Nazi German from 1931 to 1945, but Russia ran most of their camps on U.S. Soil until 1988.

Dr. Mark Seidenberg historian and owner of over 150 square miles of Wrangell Island recalls the Islands sorted past:
The first known human landing on Wrangell Land took place at Cape Hawai’i on August 17, 1866 from the ship W. C. Talbot from the Port of Honolulu which was under an Hawaiian Flag with an Hawaiian captain and crew. It was during U. S. Senate hearings on February 1 -2, 1973 that the three GULAG by Cape Hawai’i became known. There was a fourth GULAG in the center of this Wrangell Island (also known as New Columbia Land) and was annexed by the United States Government on August 12, 1881. In May 1884 Wrangell Island became part of Alaska and on April 1, 1924 the Lomen Brother Company of Nome, Alaska became that islands owner.

Robert K. Dornan looked at the Map 1505 NR 1, 2-1 and told me he could fly to Cape Hawai’i by the Nasha River at the time those GULAG were still open. The GULAG’s on Wrangell Island closed in 1988.

The Arctic Review WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT reported the following: http://arctic.ru/environmental/20170322/575924.html

600 tons of scrap metal to be removed from Wrangel Island in 2017

600 tons of scrap metal to be removed from Wrangel Island in 2017

This year, an environmental platoon from the Eastern Military District is to collect some 600 metric tons of scrap metal on Wrangel Island, RIA Novosti reports, citing Alexander Gordeyev, head of the Eastern Military District’s press service.

“From May to October this year, an environmental platoon will collect some 600 metric tons of scrap metal on Wrangel Island for transportation to the mainland. The platoon will work in two areas, at the village of Ushakovskoye and on Cape Hawaii,” Gordeyev said. He said the compressed metal would be removed to the mainland by charter vessels.

Last year, the environmental unit cleaned an area of over 10 hectares. It collected nearly 1.100 metric tons of scrap metal, including over 26,000 old fuel barrels and large pieces of scrap metal.

Wrangel Island is located in the Arctic Ocean between the East Siberian and Chukchi seas. The island is part of the Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Air defense units from the Eastern Military District were stationed on the island in October 2014.