Who Are The Parents Of Ted Cruz

The strange mystery of Ted Cruz.   by Dr. Mark Seidenberg

At the National Archives at Kew is an index of all marriage ending in Britain between January 1, 1960
and December 31, 1972.

In Texas in 1956, Eleanor “Elizabeth” Darragh married Alan Boon Wilson (who received a PhD from
Rice University in 1958). He was born circa 1929 and currently lives in London. According to the
1971 issued Birth Certificate, R. E. “Ted” Cruz was born on December 22, 1970, and the mother listed on said birth certificate as “Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson”.

Yet according to the court documents from 1997, the ending of the marriage between R. B. Cruz and his “wife” of the name “Eleanor Elizabeth Cruz”. The first question popped into my mind, was
how and when her lawful name changed from “Wilson” to “Cruz”?

Canada does not have common law marriages. In 1960, according to Ted Cruz his mother moved
to England, with her husband. Ted Cruz in his book further stated that he had a half brother named “Michael”{ who died in 1965}. So far I have not confirmed that. However, I have confirmed
that “Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson” gave birth to a son in circa June, 1966 in Greater London. That
son died on December 7, 1966 and was buried in Kensington, Greater London, England on
December 9, 1966. It is not clear to me if Ted Cruz was publishing a wrong date or the mother
though like George Forman, viz. have children name II, III, IV, V, VI. In any case the child was named “Michael Darragh Wilson”.

Also according to Ted Cruz, his mother was in Calgary, Canada with Rafael B. Cruz in December,
1967. R. B. Cruz became a Canadian Citizen according to Ted Cruz in 1973, just over three years
after he was born. Both of R. B. Cruz’s parents were born in Spain and Spanish Subjects. Because of the date of R. B. Cruz mother leaving Spain, Ted Cruz also is a subject of the King
of Spain and a citizen of the EU. According to Ted Cruz, R. B. Cruz became a U. S. Citizen in 2007.

The question going through my mind was when, if, and how Ted Cruz purported to be naturalized
as a United States Citizen. It is clear he was not a citizen at birth, because of the hold in “UNITED
STATES v. WONG KIM ARK in 1898, before SCOTUS.

The location of the hospital the R. E. “Ted” Cruz was born in was until January 30, 1819 in the incorporated and organized Territory of Michigan. That location was within the borders of the
Commonwealth of Virginia by its Constitution of June 29, 1776 and ceded to the general government. That issue of being with limits of the United States was confirmed by a survey
taken by Lt. Z. M. Pike on February 1, 1806. The area was in the Territory of Michigan between
December 3, 1818 until January 30, 1819. Therefore Ted Cruz missed being a native born citizen
by over 151 years.

Now to the holding in the case WONG KIM ARK. [169 U.S 649 at 702 (1898)] “A person born out of the jurisdiction of the United States can only become a citizen by being naturalized, either by treaty as in the case [p. 703] of the annexation of foreign territory, or by authority of congress, exercised either by declaring certain class of persons to be citizens as in the enactments conferring citizenship upon foreign born children of citizens, or enabling foreigners individually to become citizens by proceeding in the judicial tribunals as in the ordinary provisions of the naturalization acts.”

Ted Cruz was born out of both the limits and jurisdiction of the United States. If you recall John
Sidney McCain III was born outside the limits of the United States, but was born within the jurisdiction of the United States, because President Thomas Woodrow Wilson placed the Island
named “Colon” of the Republic of Panama, by an Executive Order dated March 31, 1920 under
the “jurisdiction of the United States”. There on the date of John Sidney McCain III birth in 1936,
the Citizenship Act of 1934 did not apply to him, because the Act clearly states that, it applied to
“Any child hereafter born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States.” The word “and”
is what did John Sidney McCain III in and therefore he could not be a United States Citizen.

The island of Colon, Republic of Panama was within the limits of “jurisdiction” of the United States”
on the birth date of John Sidney McCain III. The Panama Naturalization Act of August 4, 1937,
could not apply to John Sidney McCain III, because he was born out of wedlock and his mother
was not employed by the United States Government, nor was she employed by the Panama
Railroad Company (or its successor in title). It was in January, 1933 that John Sidney McCain II
and Roberta Wright went to a bar in TJ to get married. They had the same type of bogus marriage
that Ike and Tina Turner had in TJ. In Baja California the only legal marriage is at the office of the
Civil Registry. John Sidney McCain II and Roberta Wright returned to California, then moved to Hawai’i and then Panama. Baja California, California, Hawai’i, and Panama never honored common law marriages. Bottom line John Sidney McCain III was born out of wedlock and is not
now or ever has been a citizen of the United States.

Back to the issue of R. E. “Ted” Cruz, it would be helpful to know if Alan Boon Wilson and Eleanor
“Elizabeth” Wilson ever ended their marriage in Britain, therefore, will your friend in London go over the National Archives at Kew and look up on that index showing an end to the marriage from Texas in 1956 between “Alan Boon Wilson” and “Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson nee Darragh”. In press interview between (circa) January 15 & 18 (viz., January 15, 16, 17, & 18), 2016, Alan Boon Wilson has asseverated that he is not the father of any of his wife’s children (during and after the marriage). He told the reporters that the marriage ended in 1963, yet Ted Cruz claims in the book that the marriage ended after Michael died. Again the main question is when did the marriage end,
Was it before or after December 22, 1970?


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