Putin Issues Terrifying Threat Against America… Is This the Next Cuban Missile Crisis?

(Conservative Tribune) – In a Wednesday speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to build a nuclear stockpile sufficient to overwhelm the capacity of any missile defense system, including America’s.

According to The Washington Times, Russian state media outlet TASS reported that Putin said Russia would obtain its own missile defense system in time. However, in the interim, Russia would plan to expand its nuclear capabilities to thwart any defense system through sheer numbers.

Putin said that “at this first stage … we will work on strike systems able to overcome any missile defense system.”

He also claimed that America and other western nations were lying when they said that missile defense systems were aimed at rogue nations trying a single strike.

“Their true aim is to neutralize the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear countries … especially our country,” Putin said.

Putin’s Russia has made strides in readiness over the past few years, although the Russian military doesn’t yet approach the might of the Soviet Union’s, and certainly not that of any of the Western powers.

However, one area in which the Russians excel is its nuclear arsenal. According to the Ploughshares Fund, Russia’s nuclear stockpile sits at roughly 7,500 weapons — more than any other country on earth, including the United States.

Putin’s Wednesday speech indicated that he plans to use that advantage not just as a deterrent, but as a possible weapon of aggression — something that could touch off a 21st century Cuban Missile Crisis-style situation.

As The Times pointed out, Putin has frequently told the West, “Don’t forget Russia is a nuclear power.” The Obama administration has seen this as mostly saber-rattling — something which should come as no surprise, since these are the same batch of intellects that dubbed the Islamic State group “the JV team.”

However, it’s becoming more and more obvious that we may be facing a decisive showdown with the new Russian military. And, if Vladimir Putin decides to use nuclear weapons as a real threat, it’s hard to imagine either Barack Obama or any of the Democrats standing up to him.


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