1990 U.S.-U.S.S.R. Maritime Boundary Agreement– Executive Agreement

This is the executive agreement between Secretary of State James A. Baker III and Soviet
Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze signed on June 1, 1990, to take effect on June 15, 1990.
It purported to execute all of the terms of the “Agreement” (proposed treaty signed on the same
date) “pending the entry into force of that Agreement”.  [See the Proposed Treaty.]  Being an
executive agreement, it can be rescinded at any time by either party unilaterally.  It is currently
being enforced by the State Department on various federal agencies.

This executive agreement was hidden from the public and Congress for nearly two years
after it was signed in June 1990.  It was not disclosed in any public news release when it was
signed in June 1990.  It was not mentioned in the President George Bush’s transmittal of the
proposed treaty Agreement to the Senate.  It was not mentioned in any testimony at the Senate
hearing on the proposed treaty Agreement by the State Department in June 1991.  It was not
mentioned in the Committee Report on that hearing.  It was not mentioned in the full Senate
debate in September 1991.