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Eye-opening Article:    "Oil? Ah, let Russia Have it"   Do You Agree?


Giveaways to Russia

  Giveaway of 8 American Alaskan Islands and Vast Oil-Rich Seabeds to Russians

  Henry Kissinger Ordered the Alaskan Island Giveaway Secretly in 1977

  Giveaway of Southern Sakhalin Island and its Vast Oil to Russia Injures 46 Countries

  State Department Helps Russian Bogus Claim to North Pole

  United Nations Helps Giveaway of American Islands and Seabeds to Russians

State Department Imperils 70 American Islands and Resource Zones

Failure In Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean Loses Millions of Square Miles
     Of Oil, Fishery, and Other Resources; Allows Giveaways to Other Countries

United Nations

  Top Reasons to Defeat U. N. Law of Sea Treaty (LOST)

■   Coast Guard Corrupted to Promote LOST, Per National Geographic

North American Union

  The U.S.:  A Subsidiary of North American Union

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Illegal Aliens (20 Million) and Illegal Employers (1 million)

Largest County in Nation Adopts E-Verify

California Public Bodies Adopt Federal E-Verify System

  Oklahoma and Georgia Adopt Federal E-Verify System for Entire States

  Government Agencies Should Check Own Employees For Illegal Aliens

  Stop Illegals as State Employees: California SB 189 By State Sen. Tom Harman

  Los Angeles City Attorney Grants Amnesty to 90% of Pro-Illegal Alien Demonstrators

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U. S. Government in OPEC

  Skyrocketed Oil Prices: U.S. Govt. Part of Oil Cartel OPEC By Occupying Iraq

  New Law Needed to Stop U. S. Govt. from Helping Any Cartel Anywhere

Communist China

  State Department Allows Chinese Government to OK All Local Employees at U.S. Embassy/Consulates


  U.S. Govt. to Demolish Canada Cooper Island for Gravel; Alaska Government Upset

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Giveaway of 8 American Alaskan Islands and Vast Oil-Rich Seabeds to the Russians = $4 Gas Prices  


Donations to help stop this vast giveaway are needed right away.  $1000, $500, $250, $100, $25 -- whatever you can afford.

·         ●   Billions of barrels of oil and gas potential are in the hundreds of thousands of square miles of American seabeds that the U.S. State Department is giving to the Russians.

·         ●   President Bush has declared all offshore areas open for oil and gas exploration.

·         ●   The State Department has given itself a special exception for the Russians over U.S. seabeds in Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea.

·         ●   This State Department favor to the Russians is in the form of a secretly-negotiated  maritime boundary agreement.  The public, State of Alaska, and Congress were kept in the dark.

·         ●   The maritime boundary agreement puts eight American Alaskan islands and their vast 200-mile seabeds on the Russian side.

·         ●   This is a special type of State Department foreign aid to authoritarian regimes.  Instead of cash, the State Department is giving away land and massive seabeds.

·        ●     The State Department giveaway policy started with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1977 under his “détente” campaign.  All Secretaries of State since him have kept the policy.

·          ●    Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has always favored the giveaway.  He was just indicted for taking a quarter-million dollars of unreported gifts from an oil company VECO.


·        ●   The State of Alaska strongly opposes this giveaway which includes Alaskan sovereignty and property.  The Alaska legislature has overwhelmingly passed resolutions of opposition under leadership of Representative John Coghill Jr. (907-488-5725).  State Department just ignores.

·         ●   The President, Secretary of State, and Congress could end the giveaway with the stroke of a pen.

·         ●   The eight American Alaskan islands are five in the Arctic Ocean (Wrangell, Herald, Bennett, Jeannette, and Henrietta), and three in the Bering Sea (Copper Island, Sea Lion Rock, and Sea Otter Rock).

·         ●   The five in the Arctic Ocean were discovered by Americans in 1881.  Famous adventurer John Muir and Revenue Marine (Coast Guard) Captain Calvin Leighton Hooper found Wrangell Island.  Navy Lt. George Washington DeLong aboard USS Jeannette found Bennett, Jeannette, and Henrietta (the crew got gold medals from Congress).

·        ●    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has strong oil-industry ties.  She was on the board of Chevron Corporation and had an oil tanker named for her.

·         ●   Congress should investigate.

·         ●  Presidential candidates Barack Obama, John McCain, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and others must take a stand.





             Senator Joseph Biden has supported for many years the giveaway of 8 American Alaskan islands and their oil-rich seabeds to the Russians.

             Senator Biden on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee favorably received the proposed giveaway maritime boundary treaty that the State Department had secretly negotiated with Russia.  The maritime boundary puts eight American islands and their 200-mile exclusive economic zones on the Russian side:  Wrangell, Herald, Bennett, Jeannette, and Henrietta Islands in the Arctic Ocean, and Copper Island, Sea Lion Rock, and Sea Otter Rock in the Bering Sea.  Congress, the State of Alaska, and the American public were excluded from the negotiations.

             Senator Ted Steven of Alaska presented the proposed giveaway treaty at the Senate hearing.  Biden chaired the hearing and voted for it.  He noted the giveaway feature in his question, “…can you think of any circumstance anywhere in the world where there is a maritime boundary where one of the countries that it is a party to that boundary has sovereign jurisdiction over a piece of land that is on the other side of the maritime boundary?”  (Senate Hearing 102-190, “U.S. Soviet Maritime Boundary Agreement”, Treaty Document 101-22, p. 42., June 13, 1991)

             Carl Olson, Chairman of State Department Watch, testified at the hearing, presenting numerous resolutions of opposition from the Alaska Legislature, the California Legislature, and many national organizations.  “Fortunately the giveaway treaty has not been put into force, but the underlying State Department giveaway maritime boundary agreement with Russia is being enforced.  It could be reversed by a stroke of the pen of the President.  Congress should be investigating.” Olson stated.   


    The American public's interest in foreign policy depends upon an informed and active public.  The U. S. Department of State lacks any constitutional or statutory duty to promote or enforce the public's interest in any aspect of operations.  In most cases, State Department actions are kept secret, and the public cannot discern the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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